Hawaii City Plaza —— Brief Introduction


Project address: 710 Sheridan St, Honolulu, Hi 96814, United States

Project Video: Click Here(Youku)

360-degree view of Hawaii City Plaza project: Click here(When you enter, click on the red dot to view more scenarios)

Project company: HAWAII CITY PLAZA LP(project owner)

Land area: the land area of Hawaii City Plaza Project is 40,000 square feet. The total development area of the project is 350,000 square feet, with 147 Market Residential Units & 37 Affordable Multifamily Rental Units aggregating 152,444 SF.

Use of each floor:

On the 1st floor are 3 Retail Commercial Condominiums, with some parking spaces.

2nd Floor to 5th Floor is the main parking structure, totaling 253 spaces.

6th Floor contains Residence Amenities, including swimming pool, owner's activity center and residences.

7th-26th Floors are residential units( 4 floors rental multifamily and 17 floors residential condominiums), the total height of the building is 27 stories. It’s a real estate development project with hotel property management standards.